The following list includes a sampling of assorted occupational therapy sensory-related assessment tools and checklists appropriate for use with adolescent and adult populations. Please note that therapeutic assessments, informational handouts, and worksheets sometimes need to be adapted for an individual’s cognitive ability, otherwise frustration and/or misinterpretation may occur.

The following are several examples of some of the different types of sensory-related tools available for use with adolescents and adults:

Catana Brown, PhD, OTR, FAOTA and Winnie Dunn, PhD, OTR, FAOTA developed the Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile. This valuable standardized assessment tool is most appropriate for use with individuals functioning within the Allen Cognitive Level 5 ranges. It is available through Pearson.

The Sensory Integration Inventory – Revised, for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities is a screening tool developed by Judith E. Reisman, PhD, OTR, FAOTA and Bonnie Hanschu, OTR. This Inventory is categorized into four areas: tactile, vestibular, proprioception, and general reactions. This is available through Therapro and other various of sensory-related equipment.

The Developmental Test of Visual Perception (DTVP) is a visual perceptual standardized screening tool used by occupational therapists in both physical rehabilitation and mental health settings. There are several versions available for different age groups. Newest to the market is the version for adolescent through adult populations, the DTVP-A , which is normed through age 75. It is based on the work of Marianne Frostig. It is a battery of six subtests measuring the interrelated visual-perceptual and visual-motor abilities of the individual. The six DTVP-A subtests are: copying, figure ground, visual-motor search, visual closure, visual-motor speed, and form constancy. The DTVP-A provides standard scores for each subtest, constituting a composite, which is then converted into the following indexes: general visual-perception, motor-reduced visual perception, and visual-motor integration. This is available through: PRO-ED, Inc.

The Allen Sensory Stimulation Kits I and II are occupational therapy assessment tools. The Sensory Stimulation Kit I is for assessing clients within the Allen Cognitive Level ranges between (0.8 – 2.2). Sensory Stimulation Kit II is for assessing clients within the Allen Cognitive Level ranges (2.4 – 3.2). This is available through the S&S Worldwide Primelife Catalog.

The Sensory Modulation Screening Tool by Tina Champagne, OTR/L serves to assist in mapping the sensory modulation patterns of adolescent and adult populations. This is currently available in her book: Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation (3rd Ed.), which is available through this web site. If interested in trialing or assisting in researching this tool please contact Tina Champagne via email: [email protected]

Sensory Defensiveness Screening Tool developed by Tina Champagne, OTR/L is available in her book Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation (3rd Ed.), which is available through this web site.

Sensory Defensiveness Checklist developed by Karen Moore, OTR/L is available in her bookThe Sensory Connection Program through Therapro, Inc.

The Sensory Diet Checklist for Adolescents & Adults developed by Tina Champagne, OTR/L is one of many sensory modulation checklists available in Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation (3rd Ed.). Click here to download the Sensory Diet Checklist

The Sensory-Motor Preference Checklist for Adults is a basic checklist for adults to help in recognizing sensory-motor preferences. It is currently available in the book “How Does Your Engine Run” available through Therapy Works, Inc.