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Sensory Modulation & Environment: Essential Elements of Occupation, Third Edition
  • Softcover, plastic protective shields & spiral bound
  • Over 300 pages
  • Includes a CD of all enclosed worksheets, assessment tools and educational resources
The third edition of the Sensory Modulation & Environment handbook is an excellent resource full of practical information created primarily for use with adolescent, adult and geriatric populations in mental health services. It explores the entirety of sensory modulation applications: theory through practice.
Available Summer 2011
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USA customers at this time need contact: Nick Loukas through info@pearsonclinical.com.au  to help navigate purchase of the book 

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Comment from the January 2006 conference:
A Nonlinear Dynamics Approach to Sensory Modulation

Tina Champagne blew me away! She made me proud to be an OT and inspired to get back into psych OT! - Hollie Marron, OTR/L