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Kathleen Duffy LPN, CCAP/ Instructor, Medical herbalist
  • Graduated Springfield Technical Institute, Nursing 1965
  • Dominion Herbal College courses 1979 - 1981
  • Study of herbal healing and other natural healing modalities via workshops and classes 1980-1999:
  • "Cancer Dialogue 1980", sponsored by OMEGA Institute, New York, NY 1980
  • OMEGA Institute, Rhinebeck NY, assorted herb classes 1981, 1989, 1990
  • Gaia Institute, Ashland MA, herbal workshops, 1986
  • Interface, Boston MA, assorted workshops, 1991, 1997
  • Certified in Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger PhD, RN 1994
  • Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education: "Alternative Medicine, Implications for Clinical Practice:, 1995
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, NY, "Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice", 1997
  • Certified in Clinical Aromatherapy by Jane Buckle RN, LLC 1997-1999
  • Certified as Clinical Aromatherapy Instructor by Jane Buckle RN, LLC March 2000
  • Instructors included at these various workshops: 
    Linus Pauling PhD, Harold Manner PhD, Albert Szent-Giorgi PhD, Josef Issels MD, Herbert Benson MD, Tieraona Low Dog MD, Christopher Hobbs L.Ac., Cascade Anderson-Geller, John Christopher ND, MH, Rosemary Gladstar, Andrew Weil MD, Carolyn Myss PhD, "Herbal" Ed Smith, David Reilly MD, Doug Elliot, Suevo Brooks, Christiane Northrup MD
Professional Experience
  • Baystate Medical Center, Springfield and Wesson Divisions, ICU, CCU, Recovery Room, Pediatric Unit, Emergency Room, Med-Surgery Units 1965-1978
  • Opened HERBARIUM, retail herb and health store 1978-Present
  • Began Natural Health Care Services, Medical Consultant 1988-Present
  • Conducts educational programs for businesses, social services and health related agencies 1980-Present
  • Clients include: WF Young, Inc., Valley Psychiatric Services, UMASS Health Center, American Herbal Science
  • Educational Representative for Nature's Answer (Bio-Botanica), Hauppauge NY 1991-1993
  • Corporate consultant for companies in the natural products industry-ie: SC Johnson & Sons, Inc., WF Young 1996-1999
    Keynote Speaker for 2nd Annual SCORE Women's Roundtable, Springfield MA, April 2000
  • Senior Aromatherapy Educator for the Birchtree Center for Healthcare Transformation. Holistic nurse program. 2003-2008.
  • Adjunct professor: STCC 2003-pres.  "BOTANICAL MEDICINE" course.
  • Adjunct faculty: National Institute of Whole Health, Wellesley, MA 2003-pres
  • Instructor for RJ Buckle Associates "Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals"  Classes taught in NY, CT, NJ, MA, MI 2000-present
  • Co-presenter with Thomas Moore, PhD "Using Scent and Touch to Create a Healing Environment" Holyoke, MA May, 2006
  • Keynote Speaker: The Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ "The Family Medicine Chest", 2006
  • Clinical Aromatherapist through the CAM center at Cooley Dickinson hospital, Northampton, MA  2007 to present.
  • Classes in Herbal Healing and Aromatherapy: Greenfield C.C., Asnuntuck C.C., Holyoke C.C., Springfield C.C., 1980 - Present
  • Conducted day-long seminar on Herbal Healing, Franklin Pierce College, NY 1983
  • Guest Lecturer and workshops for Ray Berte PhD, Rehab Department, Springfield College 1984-1996
  • Woman's Pavillion, Mercy Hospital, Springfield MA, Massachusetts Nursing Association CEU's awarded 1991-2000
  • Collaborated with Baystate Medical Oncology Department on bone marrow transplant using herbs for the immune system; November 1995
  • Review of transplant project for staff, Baystate Medical Center, June 1996
  • Invited to attend Harvard Medical School Dept of Continuing Education: "Alternative Medicine, Implications for Clinical Practice" and conducted group discussion, March 1995
  • Guest Lecturer for Community Enterprises, Northampton MA "Stress Management" September 1997
  • Conducted day-long seminar on "Quality Control, How Well Do You Know Your Product?", WF Young (natural product manufacturer) Springfield MA January 1998
  • Guest Lecturer, Association of Operating Room Nurses "Drug-Herb Interactions" April 1998
  • Two-day demonstration of Clinical Aromatherapy for American Cancer Society, "We Can Weekend" June 1998
  • Guest Lecturer, Cardiac Nurses Symposium, Baystate Medical Center, "Cardiac Innovations and Complimentary practices" April 1999
  • Workshops presented to local HMO agencies "Commonly Used Herbs You Should Know" 1997-1999
  • Multi-session classes held at the HERBARIUM: "Herbal HealingI", "Herbal Healing II", "Basic Aromatherapy", "Advanced Aromatherapy", 1981-Present 
    Workshops for lay public, discussing herbal remedies and other natural methods ie: "Cardio-vascular", "Menopause", "Digestive System", "Anxiety and Depression", "ADD/ADHD", "PMS", "Stress Management", "Cancer" 1995-1999
  • Speaker "Applying Scientific Methods to Ensure and Market the Integrity of Your Product" Herbal Practitioner's Perspective, Baltimore MD, October 1999
  • Workshop Director/Instructor "Herbal Safety, Drug - Herb Interaction", Mercy Hospital Medical Staff, Springfield, MA, October 2000
  • Guest Lecturer, Smith College, Northampton MA, "HERBS FOR HEALTH AND HEALING", March 2001, 2002
  • Instructor:  "Clinical Aromatherapy for Health Professionals", VA Medical Center, Leeds, MA.  2000-pres.
  • "BASIC AROMATHERAPY":  Loomis Group, March 2003  (3 days)
  • Keynote speaker American Holistic Nurse's Association, "CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY AND NURSES", March 2003 (2 days)
  • Advisory Board Member (CEDU dep't) "CLINICAL AROMATHERAPY", May 2002.
  • Keynote speaker  American Association of Emergency Room Nurses, "DRUG/HERB INTERACTIONS"  Oct, 2002
  • Keynote speaker graduate nurse's program American International College  "THE ROLE OF NURSES IN COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE", May, 2003
  • Senior Aromatherapy Educator for the Birchtree Center for Healthcare Transformation. Holistic nurse program. 2003-2008.
  • Contributor to HERBAL FEAST, Risa Mornis, Keats Publishing 1998.
  • Expert Reader and Advisory Board member, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALING, (Therapeutic Tea Division) Storey Communications, Pownal VT 1998-2001
  • HEALING RETREATS & SPAS magazine, Bimonthly column "FROM THE HERB GARDEN" Ongoing
  • Contributor to "NEW HOPE FOR PEOPLE WITH FIBROMIALGIA", Prima Publishers, 2001
  • Contributed to "THE IMMUNE ADVANTAGE", Rodale Press, 2001
  • Featured biography  "ADVANCE for LPNs",  2003
  • Senior editor for "AROMATHERAPY FOR  BODYWORKERS" Prentice Hall 2007

Radio and Other Media 
PM Magazine, WFSB-TV, Hartford, CT 1988-1990 
Monthly, live, radio call-in program WREB, Holyoke MA, WHYN and WMAS, Springfield MA 1980-1991 
Host of live, weekly, radio call-in program WNNZ, Springfield MA, 1992-December 2000 
Host of live, weekly radio call-in program WHYN, Chicopee MA 2001-Present 
Regularly featured on health related news segments for local television stations 

Kathleen is the mother of three grown children and grandmother to four boys. She and her husband are the US representatives for the Irish charity, Friends of The Children of Chernobyl.  

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