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Statewide Honors Given to Western MA Occupational Therapist

The 2008 Commissioner's Distinguished Service Award & A State Senate Citation Cooley Dickinson Hospital Media Release - May 21, 2008 BOSTON, Mass. - On May 6, 2008 Tina Champagne, occupational therapy and counselor staff supervisor at Cooley Dickinson Hospital was awarded the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) Commissioner's Distinguished Service Award for Reducing and Eliminating Restraint and Seclusion . She also received a second award, a Senate citation, for her local, state-wide and national advocacy and innovative work in these areas. At the award ceremony at the State House in Boston, Commissioner Barbara Leadholm praised Champagne for her, "dedication in reducing restraint and seclusion locally and nationally, developing promising alternatives, such as, sensory rooms. Your body of work preventing restraint and seclusion has crossed local borders and informed many states and organizations of the latest research, helping to make Massachusetts a national and international hub of alternative advancement." Champagne was lauded for her dedication and leadership in affirming the goals of the DMH's strength-based and prevention-focused principles. Specifically, she received the award for bringing a host of integrative therapies and environmental strategies to acute inpatient mental healthcare settings as well as initiating and integrating the use of more safe, humane and recovery-oriented options for mental health consumers. Champagne says she is, "truly honored to have been recognized." Champagne is an occupational therapist who is considered a pioneer in her field.  In 1999, Champagne developed the region's first sensory modulation room at Berkshire Medical Center and in 2003, created a similar therapeutic space at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. This unique space, located on the inpatient psychiatric unit, is equipped with tools such as aromatherapy, music, self-help books, rocking chairs, mindfulness and guided imagery CDs, [...]

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Interview with Tina Champagne on WFCR 88.5 & NPR

WFCR 88.5 & NPR: News & Music for Western New England May 27, 2008: Interview with Tina Champagne after receiving the 2008 Commissioner’s Distinguished Service Award & a MA State Senate Citation

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