Sensory Gardens

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Sensory rooms are not the only way to create or enhance the therapeutic environment. Another consideration is that of a sensory garden, which may also be known as a healing garden or therapeutic landscape. Sensory gardens are used with a host of different populations for varied therapeutic purposes.

Wondering what a sensory garden might look like? Beehive is web site offering a virtual tour of a sensory garden. It also provides information and pictures of ideas for the many different sensory areas. It is a must see!

Beehive: The Sensory Garden Project  (no longer online)

The University of Minnesota offers a web article that outlines the basics on creating healing gardens and includes information on design principles. This article offers basic ideas and hints on functionality, maintenance, cost, and aesthetics, while exploring some of the history of healing gardens.

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series

Another important resource for anyone interested in this topic area is the Therapeutic Landscapes Database. This site won the Communications Award of Merit from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2004. It contains a tremendous reference list, an alphabetized list of places that have therapeutic landscapes, and much more!

Therapeutic Landscapes Database

Working in the schools? The Royal Horticultural Society offers this PDF document to assist those interested in choosing plants for a sensory garden:

Plants for a Sensory Garden by the Royal Horticultural Society

Have a unique sensory garden story to share? Consider submitting an short story or article for consideration for posting on this page!