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A sampling of participant feedback from the 2-day January 2007 Course:

A Nonlinear Dynamic Approach to Sensory Modulation

Presenter: Tina Champagne, OTD, OTR/L

Tina Champagne was excellent, knowledgable, passionate and is a true gift to our profession! I am definitely interested in following Tina’s work and furthering my knowledge. Very interested in more conferences/trainings.
Crystal Baglini, MOT, OTR/L
As someone who is not an OT or familiar with the discipline, Tina’s presentation material and content fueled a real curiosity and understanding that there is a very rich and beneficial knowledge and techniques that would greatly help the clients I work with. She provided a great balance between educational slides and experiential content. Her friendly approach and non-jargon filled language made this material accessible and easy to understand.
Ann Neill, LICSW
Tina Champagne is inspiring in her leadership and in brining this work to inpatient psychiatry as well as clear and well-organized in her presentation. I would recommend this seminar to all inpatient mental health practitioners.
Debra T. Spragg, LMHC
Tina is not only well versed, presents information in an understandable manner and allows for experiential opportunities but is also inspiring and provides the challenge to apply the knowledge with best practice. I have become motivated to explore the nonlinear dynamic approach more.
Desna Ratcliff, MS, OTR
Tina Champagne is an expert on this topic, passionate, professional, approachable, innovative, and confident, a leader and inspiring. She provides education and practical application A – Z. Looking forward to your next workshops.
Linda Denton, OTR/L
I’m very excited to go and share my ideas with a wide variety of individuals in my hospital. This course is what I needed to revive my energy to advocate for OT! Thank You!
Amanda Martinage, OTR/L
Tina is an inspiration, extremely knowledgable and an excellent presenter! I am looking forward to learning more about sensory modulation and to future conferences with you!
Jesse Robbins, MS, OTR/L
Anyone practicing in mental health, no matter what practice model/frame of reference, needs to attend this conference! This is the future outlook of person-centered practice for mental health!
Shanese Shanlkin, MOT, OTR


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